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Extreme Q Vaporizer

Extreme Q Vaporizer

extreme vaporizer for weed and marijuanaWith fast shipping, you will receive Extreme Q Vaporizer in no time when you order. Extreme Q is not a dry herb vaporizer for marijuana or weed, but is a desktop vaporizer, of the best vaporizer on the market by user reviews. The is very well packaged with everything foam padded and at least triple boxed. For maximum security, glass material is wrapped in bubble wrap individually. It will surely arrive in perfect condition. After using this product for a while, you will get pretty impressed. There is a clear manual on how to assemble it, leaving you with no problem with any sort of smoke. It is very smooth and easy to hold. It fills its bag so fast. The remote control is a comfortable touch which turns out to come in handy for a simple operation.

Overall, the Extreme Vaporizer is a great buy for those people who are profound on using vaporization daily!

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Extreme Q Vaporizer Product Description

extreme q vaporizer 3The Extreme Q Vaporizer was first released to the marketplace in 2008 by Arizer, a Canadian company, who also current manufacturer of the V-Tower Vaporizer. The Extreme Q is one of the vaporizers which has three-in-one function with a digital temperature LCD Controller which incorporates forced air, a balloon fill mechanism and direct inhalation. The heating element is made of ceramic and accompanied by a silent 3-speed forced air fan to supply the right combination of air flow and heating all through each haul. The ground glass adapters, Pyrex cyclone filling chamber and the balloon kits are designed to bear up the severity of daily operation.

Simple to Use
The Extreme Q has a typical LCD Display screen which provides its user a detailed information. In a quick look, you can see the Actual Temperature, Set Temperature, Timer and Fan Speed. There is option to display the temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The Extreme Vaporizer is also equipped with an Essential Oil Diffuser you can use for Steamin, Aromatherapy and Potpourri warming.

The Extreme Q has delivery methods that are easily interchangeable. First, the balloon fill system works by attaching glass elbow adapter and balloon kit to the Pyrex cyclone bowl. Then vapors are trapped in the balloon and released through the glass mouthpiece adapter. When using the balloon delivery system, set the fan on the maximum setting, generating a dense layer of vapor which filled up in approximately one minute.

Heat-Up Periodextreme q vaporizer 7
The average Heat-Up period is around 2-3 minutes. With such a short time, the Arizer Extreme Q makes it possible for the optimum Vaporization to be accomplished promptly with a temperature range which goes from 104 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a cooling down period of just about 2 minutes.

Vaporizer Efficiency and Effectiveness
The Extreme Q vaporizes in a exceptionally thorough way. A dense, noticeable Vapor is made throughout each of the three delivery processes. The ground glass cyclone container facilitates adequate airflow meant for the substance to be vaporized, extracting the essential oils at an optimum level.

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Where to Buy Extreme Q

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